Addendum - Camera Rotators

Atersky T2 Rotator

updated: 2022-09-10


Thread at telescope side: M42x0,75 (T2) male

Thread at camera side: M42x0,75 (T2) female

Thickness: 13,5 mm

Advantage: scale (1 to 12)  

Disadvantage: scale not in degrees (0° to 360°, but from 1 to 12), rotator not divisible (for an easy camera removal)

Other versions: M54 and M48

Note: I had to return this device as it proved to be quite impractical as the scale (1 to 12 instead of 0 to 360°) was completely hidden by the cameras case and thereby became invisible. I replaced the rotator by a Williams Optics rotator

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