Addendum - Image Post Processing


updated: 2024-04-09

The FITS Liberator is an application that provides the user with significant and advanced image processing options for handling FITS and PDS files. The main aim is compression of the huge dynamic range (or amount of greyscales) present in astronomical images, so that they can be viewed on standard output devices such as computer screens. The FITS Liberator is not an automatic application but is meant to make the iterative process of producing cutting-edge colour imagery from world-class telescopes as optimal as possible in terms of quality and speed.

The output from FITS Liberator is a TIFF file, which the user may open in any TIFF supporting image processing software like, e.g., Photoshop or The GIMP.

Download: Download the ESA/ESO/NASA Photoshop FITS Liberator v2.3 | ESA/Hubble | ESA/Hubble (


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