Optical Field of View  (FoV) Calculator

updated: 2024-04-03

Calculate Field Of View

2 × arctan(
Sensor Width    mm
2 × Focal Length mm
)   =   Degrees 

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Many optical instruments, particularly binoculars or spotting scopes, are advertised with their field of view specified in one of two ways: angular field of view, and linear field of view. 

Angular field of view is typically specified in degrees, while linear field of view is a ratio of lengths. For example, binoculars with a 5.8 degree (angular) field of view might be advertised as having a (linear) field of view of 102 mm per meter. As long as the FoV is less than about 10 degrees or so, the following approximation formulas allow one to convert between linear and angular field of view. Let A be the angular field of view in degrees. Let M be the linear field of view in millimeters per meter. Then, using the small-angle approximation:

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