Check the Battery in the iOptron 8407 hand controller (Go2Nova)

The hand controller has a real time clock (RTC) which should display the correct time every time the mount is turned on. If the time is incorrect, please check the battery inside the hand controller and replace it if needed. The battery is a 3V, CR1220 button battery.

A battery lasts around 2 years and should be replaced regularly to avoid alignment and plate solving issues.

To replace the battery:

  • open up the hand controller (6 screws at the backside of the controller)
  • carefully lever out the battery as shown here:

  • insert the fresh battery
  • attach the backside of the hand controller by tightening the 6 screws
  • check the functionality by turning the mount on, entering the date and time (manually or by syncing or by obtaining the date and GPS values from the GPS module)
  • turn the mount off and on again and see if the controller remembered the settings

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