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updated: 2024-03-09


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Short Description

NoiseXTerminator is a fast and easy-to-use AI-based noise reduction tool specifically designed for astrophotography. While AI-based noise reduction solutions exist for general photography, they have not been trained on astronomical images. As a result, they often mutilate stars and invent details that simply aren't there. NoiseXTerminator has been trained exclusively on deep-sky astrophotography, so its neural network is "familiar" with stars and the types of detail we see in our photos.

NoiseXTerminator is available as a plug-in for both PixInsight and Photoshop. The Photoshop version also works with Affinity Photo.



NoiseXTerminator Settings:

var P = new NoiseXTerminator; 

P.ai_file = "NoiseXTerminator.2.pb"; 

P.denoise = 0.72; 

P.detail = 0.59;

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