Addendum - Tables

Picture Titles Standards for Astronomy Pictures

updated: 2024-05-31

Picture Title Components

Astronomy picture titles should consist of a short 2-line long description of the object or situation including followings parts:

{Object/Event}, {[Description]}, SITE={SiteName (Country)}, DATE={Date} 
CAM={camera} on {Lense |Telescope}, f={focal length}, {F-Stop}, EXP={n*xs | from xs video}, ISO/GAIN= {ISO/Gain}


Camera without telescope

Camera with telescope

Object / Event

e.g. Mercury, Moon, NGC2136, M31, Mercury Transit,  etc.


Short description (if required) such as Andromeda, Pinwheel Galaxy


Short location name like SITE=Göttingen (DE) or  SITE=LaPalma (ES)




FU400 (Fuji 100-400mm Lens)

like TS1624


short description of camera like FUJXT3 or ZWOASI294

Focal Length

in mm like f=5mm or f=600mm

F-Stop         or Aperture

like f/2.8 or F/6.7


Photo:  EXP=1x1/2000s,  EXP=1x10min or EXP=24x180s

Video: from 20s Video

ISO or Gain

like ISO=400 (only for DSLR cameras!) or GAIN=120 (for CMOS cameras)

The individual parts must be separated by commas.

Title Examples

  • M64 - Black Eye Galaxy, SITE=GÖ MBR(DE), DATE=2024-05-13
    CAM=ZWOASI294 on TS1624, f=1624mm, F8.0 Exp=45x60s, GAIN=120

  • LUNA - SITE=GÖ MBR(DE), DATE=2024-05-20
    CAM=ZWOASI294 on TS1624, f=1624mm, F8.0 from 20s video, GAIN=281

Picture Property Metadata Samples 

as used by Lightroom, ThumbsPlus, and in the XML section of the JPG picture files

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