Plate Solver


updated: 2024-02-28

Download and Installation

SW Download:  PlateSolve2 v2.28 | PlaneWave Instruments

StarCatalog Installer: APM Star Catalog Installer | PlaneWave Instruments

If you don't want the star catalogues to be installed on your C: drive (the default), select a different folder during installation, as shown in the screenshot above.

Next click on File > Configure Catalog Directories... to check whether the Star Catalogs are installed correctly.

Example Plate Solve

Click File > Open Image to load a file.  If the image is a jpg file, you will also need to specify approximate start parameters (see red frame above).

Once the image (jpg, fit, fits) has been loaded, click on Plate Match.

PlateSolve2 will then return the plate solve results in the J2000 Image Center section as shown below. In addition to the celestial coordinates, various sensor and camera data are also analyzed, including the camera orientation.

To view the image click on Show Image:

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