RS232 Serial Port or RJ9 Plug

updated:  2021-09-26

Picture: RJ12 Guide Port


  • Autoguider

The guide port wiring is shown above, which has same pin-out as that from Celestron / Starlight Xpress / Orion Mount / Orion Autoguider/ QHY5 autoguider. 

If you have an autoguider which has a pin-out which is the same as the ST-I from SBIG, such as Meade/ Losmandy/ Takahashi/ Vixen, make sure a proper guiding cable is used. Refer to your guiding camera and guiding software for detailed operation. 

WARNING: DO NOT plug your ST-4 guiding camera cable into the iOptron port or HBX port. It may damage the mount or guiding camera electronics.

updated: 2020-02-26

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