updated: 2020-03-03

Description: Setting Focus and Target Positions helps to quickly slew to a focusing star and then get back on target quickly. This is intended for manual focusing and not required for automated focusing

This module helps you to slew between 2 predefined sky positions:

  1. your target position  - and -
  2. a star position that you use to set up or control your manual focus

To set the Focus and Target Positions you can use either theTelescops tab on the  Control Panel 

or the Focus Target Module.

How to get there: 

  • choose from the main menu: View > Docking Modules > Focus Target

  • or

Focus Target Module

To setup the Focus and Target Positions first connect a telescope/mount to Sequence Generator Pro:

  • Slew to the Focus Position
  • Click the "Set Focus Position" (if using the module click "Focus Position")
  • Slew to the Target Position
  • Click the "Set Target Position" (if using the module click "Focus Position")

To use these settings:

  • When you need to focus click "Goto Focus"
  • Once you've finished focusing click "Goto Target"

When using this method, it can often be helpful to set manual focus reminders.  These will allow you to set triggers that pause the sequence and allow you to refocus prior to continuing.

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