Addendum - Astro Hardware

Tilting Adapter Flange

updated: 2024-05-13

Tilting adapter for telescopes with M90x1 connection thread, for example RC from TS-Optics, Astro Tech or GSO.

 Connection at telescope side: M90x1 thread (female)

 Connection at camera side: M90x1 thread (male)

 Optical path: Minimum 15 mm

 The tilting adapter allows for exact adjustment of the camera sensors to the field of the telescope.

 The tilting adapter fits, among others, to Ritchey-Chr├ętien telescopes with 6" and 8" aperture with the M90x1 connnection thread at the tube back-side.

Teleskop-Express: TS-Optics M90 Tilting Adapter Flange for astrophotography-GSRCJ90

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