updated: 2020-03-03

I'm sometimes facing problems with my USB cabling between the camera, mount and the laptop. This results on following errors:

  • PhD2 is suddenly unable to move the mount
  • PhD2 looses the connection to the guide camera
  • SGPro is unable to connect to the ASI camera, the connection to the mount is not affected
  • suddenly the focuser won't react any more or would even move the focuser to the innermost position. This happens often during a automatic focus set up
  • etc..

Unfortunately this sometimes happened  during in the middle of a  shooting sequence and I have not yet fully understood the reasons for this behavior. 

I was able to fix one error: the ASI camera connection is now stable. Reason seems to be an unstable USB port on my 4-port USB hub that is fixed to one leg of the tripod. After rearranging the assignment of the USP ports by swapping the Camera and Mount port, at least the ASI connection problem was gone.

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