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Chapter 7 - Learning and Documentation

updated: 2023-08-03

7. Learning and Documentation

7.1. Session Documentation in Starlust Database

The entire session documentation has been moved to a MS Access database called StarlustDB to record all relevant information about the capturing sessions. The database consists of several tables, queries, forms and reports. The reports are generated in PDF format for compatibility reasons.

See next topic for more details about the Starlust Database.

7.2. Lessons Learned and Help Documentation

All lessons learned are included in this document which was created using the very versatile

tool for Windows, available from 

HelpNDoc Help Authoring Tool - Create Help Files, User Manuals and eBooks | HelpNDoc

Another quite helpful tool for writing this manual was an AI-based tool, which was very helpful for translations (DeepL Translate) on the one hand and also for improving texts (DeepL Write) on the other hand.

7.3. StarGuide in Different Formats

Thanks to the versatile possibilities of the HelpNDoc tool, which was used to write this guide, it can be made available not only as an HTML version, but also as a PDF and Windows Help file.

7.3.1 Starguide in PDF Format 

7.3.2 Starguide as Windows CHM Help File (still some pending formatting issues)

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