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Starlust Database

updated: 2023-07-28

The entire session documentation has been moved to a MS Access database called StarlustDB to record all relevant information about the capturing sessions. The database consists of several tables, queries, forms and reports. The reports are generated in PDF format for compatibility reasons.

Below are some sample forms used by the Starlust Database.

Starlust Database Main Form

Starlust Database Observation Form

Starlust Database Optical Configuration Form

Starlust Database Camera Tail Configuration Form

... and there are more forms for cameras, telescopes or lenses, locations, targets, weather etc.

StarlustDB Data Model

1.2.2. Observation Detail Report

 This example report about a observation or capturing session (B33 on October 31, 2022):

1.3. Observation List

 This example report of all currently recorded observations):

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