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ASIAIR Studio: ASIVideoStack

updated: 2023-07-26


Stacking and picture improvements

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  • Klick on the Open ASIVideoStack button
  • Drag a .AVI or .SER file onto the area on the right side of the window that just opened
  • The first frame of the video file is now displayed on the left side of the window
  • Set the stacking options and move the stacking focus (green rectangle) to an area with high contrast, then click on Stack
  • Adjust the picture quality / property options as you like
  • Finally save (as .JPG) or Save All (as .JPG and .FIT) into sub-folder ASIVideoStack_Output. 
  • This is a clipping from the created .JPG picture 
  • ... which needs further improvement (e.g. by changing the hue on Lightroom):

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