Addendum - Astro Hardware

Astromann Cloumn Pier
with iE45 adaption plate *)

updated: 2021-07-09

*) other adaption plates for different mounts are available on request                                

Column piers drastically reduce the time and effort to calibrate your equipment compared using a tripod as they always provide a 100% accurate North orientation and leveling once properly assembled and one-time calibrated.

I have recently installed an Astromann  Apollo 151x1200mm column pier from . The pier provides very stable base for up to 100kg (with extra stabilizing configuration) for astro-photography.

Astromann also provides all required adaption plates for most mounts, in my case a iEQ45 adaption plate was installed, the specification of the adaption plate can be downloaded here.

The column pier is mounted on a 1m concrete column that is encased by a 2mm stainless steel sheathing and surrounded by a wooden pedestal to allow access from all sides. This picture below shows the final construction (with still missing electrical installation).


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