Addendum - Astro Hardware

Svbony Laser Colllimator

updated: 2024-05-14

  • With 2 inch adapter; Svbony 1.25 inch collimator comes with 2 inch adapter for 1.25 inch and 2 inch Newtonian and SCT reflector telescopes for easy collimation
  • The collimated beam projection is sharp
  • The collimating eyepiece has a unique triplet lens; which can reduce the distortion and spherical aberration of light 
  • 7 adjustable brightness levels
  • suitable for different lighting conditions
  • convenient for you to achieve precise collimation during the day and night
  • The Svbony collimator is made of metal, which is durable; not easy to damage; and 
  • built-in CR2032 battery
  • Can be used to adjust a focuser tilt in RC telescopes

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