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GHS (Generalized Hyperbolic Stretch) V 3.0.4
PixIsight Plugin

updated: 2024-03-14

GHS Installation as a Process Module (PixInsight Plugin)

To install GHS into Pixinsight, add the repository information as follows:

  • If you have GHS Version 1 installed then first remove this*, then …
  • From within Pixinsight go to: 
              Resources>Updates>Manage Repositories
  • In the Manage Update Repositories dialog, click the Add button
  • In the URL box type the GHS repository URL :
  • In the Add Pixinsight Repository dialog, click the OK button
  • In the Manage Update Repositories dialog, click the OK button
  • Go to 
               Resources>Updates>Check for Updates
  • Pixinsight should find the latest version of GHS and download it.
  • You will then need to exit PixInsight and will be asked if you wish to install updates.  
  • Answer yes to this and PixInsight will install updates and restart.
  • When you restart you will see the GHS script in the script menu under Utilities.
  • If you are running PixInsight 1.8.9-1 or later, you will also have the GHS module in the process menu under Intensity Transformations.

(*To uninstall Version 1: In Scripts>Feature Scripts…, uncheck Utilities>GeneralisedHyperbolicStretch, then click Done.  Next navigate to your PixInsight>src>scripts folder/directory and delete the file named GeneralisedHyperbolicStretch.js)

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