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Star Removal: StarNetV2

updated: 2024-03-23

Resources: StarNet V2 Download


StarNet V2 is an updated version of the popular StarNet++ module for PixInsight, a powerful software used for astrophotography processing. Here are the key details about StarNet V2:

  1. Purpose and Capabilities:
    • StarNet V2 is designed to remove stars from various types of astronomical images, including landscapes.
    • It significantly improves star removal compared to its predecessor, StarNet++.
    • The new version provides smoother results and better preservation of non-stellar features in the image.
    • It can be particularly useful for creating starless versions of astrophotographs.
  2. Graphical User Interface (GUI):
    • Unlike the command-line interface used in StarNet v1.0, StarNet V2 includes a standalone Windows application with a user-friendly GUI.
    • This makes it easier for astrophotographers to interact with the software and achieve desired results.
  3. Comparison:
    • Let’s compare the results between StarNet++ (v1) and StarNet V2 using an example image of NGC 6188:
      • StarNet++ (v1): The starless image lacks smoothness, and NGC 6164 (located below the dragons) was mistakenly identified as a star and removed.
      • StarNet V2: The V2 image is much smoother, and NGC 6164 has been preserved correctly.
  4. Acquiring StarNet V2:
    • You can download StarNet V2 from the following link: StarNet V2 Download.
    • Installation instructions are provided in the ReadMe.txt file within the downloaded ZIP archive.
    • Once installed, you’ll find the StarNet2 process under your PixInsight All Processes folder.
  5. Additional Information:

Remember, StarNet V2 is a valuable tool for astrophotographers seeking to enhance their images by removing stars while preserving other features. Happy stargazing! 

Example: Starless Image Integration on Comets using StarNetV2

StarNet V2 Installation

You will need more or less recent version of PI (PCL API Version 160  or higher). 

You can go to PROCESSES=>Modules=>Manage Modules and   look at API Version of any other module.

  1. Close PI.
  2. Copy the files from this folder into PixInsight's 'bin' folder.
    1.   Location should be something like 'C:\Program Files\PixInsight\bin'.
    2.   Make sure that StarNet2-pxm.dll is in the 'bin' folder.
  3. 3. Run PI.
    1. Go to PROCESSES=>Modules=>Install Modules. 
    2. Hit 'Search'
    3. StarNet should appear in the list. Hit 'Install'.
  4. You should see StarNet2 module appear under PROCESSES=><Etc> and in  PROCESSES=>All Processes

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