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updated: 2024-03-09


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Short Description

StarXTerminator is an AI-powered tool for removing stars from astronomical images. It allows you to process stars and background objects separately, or simply leave out the stars altogether. It is available for PixInsight and Photoshop. The Photoshop version also works with Affinity Photo.

StarXTerminator uses an advanced convolutional neural network with a unique architecture for this task. This network has been extensively trained on photographs from a wide range of instruments, from camera lenses to the James Webb Space Telescope. Small stars, large stars, giant stars, and even diffraction peaks are detected and removed with minimal impact on non-stellar features.

StarXTerminator is very easy to use, with no sliders to tweak or parameters to adjust. Check out the StarXTerminator usage notes for tips on how to best apply it to your images.



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