Addendum - Optical Filter

TS-Optics OIII Filter

updated: 2022-08-30

Mode of action of the TS O-III Filter:

The TS O-III Filter blocks unwanted light of streetlights and limilar lighting and transmits the spectral lines of [O III] and H-alpha of nebulae almost completely. That enhances contrast tremendously and brings thousands of objects within reach of your telescope.

For which objects is this filter suitable?

The TS O-III Filer is well suited for emission nebulae, especially planetary nebulae. It lets light in the important [O III] range pass, and also at the H-alpha line. The contrast of objects like the North America nebula, the SNR Veil Nebula, and planetary nebulae like the Dumbbell Nebula is distinctly enhanced. Less known nebulae will become visible only with the filter.

On galaxies, nebular filters usually are no use, as a galaxy radiates in the complete spectrum. The galaxy becomes dimmer proportional to the background.

For which telescopes is this filter suitable?

The TS O3 Filter can be used with all telescopes of at least 80 mm aperture. It is simply screwed into the filter thread of the eyepiece or the reducing adapter.

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