Addendum - Optical Filter

Solar Filter

updated: 2022-08-30

Baader AstroSolar Filter ASTF 80mm

Secure solar observation and photography thanks AstroSolar Safety solar filter film (OD 5.0). The film is fitted free of tension, so that there can be no damage to the coating. The quality version has very rounded edges to prevent damage to the film. There is also the underside of the film of a plastic, which has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the foil. This ensures that the heating does not pass through sunshine to tensions between the foil and the filter.


[1] Baader AstroSolar Filter ASTF 80mm (Astroshop)

Astrozap Sun filter for outside diameters from 111mm to 117mm 

This premium solar filter has an aluminum cell that is secured and centered to the tube end of the telescope with nylon thumb screws and felt padding. The clear aperture is made with high quality hand selected and inspected reflective coated glass. This is the highest quality, durable, glass, full aperture solar filter on the market. The sun is viewed in a natural yellowish-orange image. The filter can be used for direct viewing through the telescope or for photography.


[1] Astrozap Filters Sun filter (Astroshop)

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