updated: 2021-09-26

On my travels to La Palma  (Canary Islands, Spain) I worked with a rented Skywatcher EQ6R-Pro (older version with SynScan V4 and no USB port), which supports RS232 connectivity through the Multi-Purpose-Port on the hand controller. 

This port can also be used to connect with the ASIAIR PRO or other PC programs.

HW Requirements for:

  1. A SynScan hand controller with at least V04.38.06. 
    Download link for SynScan V4 Hand Controller Firmware: Sky-Watcher | Sky-Watcher Global Website (skywatcher.com). 
    Actual version: v4_39_20 (release from 2021)
  2. A computer running Windows 10 or an ASIAIR Pro
  3. A RS-232C serial to USB adapter (cable)
  4. A PC-Link cable (D-SUB9 to RJ12) which comes with the mount (or can be purchased e.g. from astro-shops or Amazon)

See the complete setup description in chapter Connecting ASIAIR with SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO

Very good article about "Computer Control Of A SynScan Mount": https://www.atm-workshop.com/synscan-pc-connect.html

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