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Establish a connection between the ASIAIR controller and a SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO models before 2019

updated: 2023-11-18


A prerequisite for smooth control of the SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO by ASIAIR Pro or Plus is that the SynScan hand controller has previously been set to full feature mode.

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Required Hardware

  • SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO models before 2019 with a SynScan hand controller with integrated RS232 interface and without integrated USB
  • ASIAIR Pro or Plus
  • a USB to RS232 converter cable
  • the original RS232 cable supplied with with your Skywatcher mount
  • a SynScan V4 hand controller, see the firmware requirements below 

Required SW and FW

  • a SynScan hand controller with the newest firmware release greater than V4.20SynScan 
    • SynScan V3: > Ver.03.38
    • SynScan V4/5: > Ver.04.38.06

see the update description on the next page

Next Step

I recommend reading this article: "Computer Control Of A SynScan Mount": as it gives a very good overview of the different connection methods.

An important note: Tracking cannot be started or stopped in this configuration from the ASIAIR, the Tracking Button is generally red and cannot be toggled. When using e.g. the plan mode, the command Stop Tracking will cause error messages in the log entry during shutdown.

How to activate the Full Feature Mode on the EQ6R-PRO 

There are two ways to activate the EQ6R-PRO Full Feature Mode, which is required for operation with the ASIAIR controller:

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