updated: 2023-02-18

ASIAIR PRO or ASIAIR Plus are smart WiFi devices. It is equipped with a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and multiple dovetail mounting methods.



compared to ASIAIR Pro: faster, extended WiFi range, better control over power output, rather expensive

compared to ASIAIR Plus: limited WiFi range, cheaper

Latest firmware and App update: V2.1.2-11.01 on March15, 2024

ASIAIR v2.1.2 has been released! - ZWO User Forum (zwoastro.com)


Cons and pros of the ASIAIR:

  • + simple polar alignment (even with invisible Polaris)
  • + no absolute need for star alignment if previously well polar aligned, just use the GoTo Autocenter function in the telescope settings
  • + easy to use autofocus (if you own a ZWO EAF electrical autofocuser, other focusers are not supported!)
  • + mosaic assistance for larger sky areas since version2.0
  • + support for correct camera rotation since version 2.0
  • - only ZWO ASI equipment supported  as guider cameras (see below) and focuser (like ZWAOASI EAF

Supported guide cameras:

ASI120MM Mini Mono

ASI174MM Mini

ASI290MM Mini


Tutorials and support information:

Software and Drivers

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