Actual Step

Connecting AISIAR via integrated RS232 port
(e.g. EQ45Pro)

updated: 2023-11-13


This connection type refers to mounts with an RS232 port directly in the mount housing, such as the iOptron iEQ45 Pro.

Required Hardware

  • A mount with integrated RS232 port
  • the original RS232 cable provided with the mount
  • USB-RS232 converter cable (included with ASI AIR)

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     ASI AIR

  • plug the USB-RS232 converter cable to an USB port on the the ASIAIR PRO 
  • and the RS232 plug into the RS232 port of the mount
  • in case of iEQ45 Pro: don't plug it into the RS232 port of the handheld controller box, it won't work with an iEQ45 Pro!

  • use following setup in the ASIAIR App:

If you plan to use SkySafari Pro as your planetarium SW together with ASIAIR PRO, then have a look at the SkySafari Pro connection methods


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