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Establish a connection between the ASIAIR controller and a mount via hand controller excluding SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO

updated: 2022-10-15


This connection type refers to mounts with an RS232 port integrated into the handheld controller

In case of older SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO version before 2019 without integrated USB interface, please continue here

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Equipment SetUp

Required Hardware

  • A mount with a hand controller having a RS232 interface
  • ASIAIR guide controller
  • a USB to RS232 converter cable
  • the original RS232 cable supplied with with your  mount
  • a hand controller with the newest firmware release greater than V4.20

Next Step

Time and DST Setting

Although many mounts now support direct USB connections, you can also use the included RS232-USB adapter to connect to your mount.

Some equatorial mounts provide ports at their hand controller that can be used to connect to the ASIAIR PRO: 

  • GTOCP series, 
  • StarGo, 
  • NexStar series, 
  • SynScan V 3 / V4 series (Skywatcher): please see the next chapter if your mount is a SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO
  • Pulsar2 GoTo, 
  • Go2Nova series (iOptron, but not the PRO series!, for iEQ45Pro mounts please see here), 
  • Gemini series, 
  • AutoStar Series, 
  • AudioStar series, 
  • PMC-8 and Electronic FS-2 commonly used by DIY telescope builders. 

SynScan V5 needs to use a USB Type B ‒ Type A printer data cable. If the connection type or baud rate is incorrect, it will fail to connect in the app

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