updated: 2021-07-14

  • Telescope: depending on you mount:
  • View Objects: opens the ASIAIR object library
  • Mount Info: shows the current information from your mount, please check that GPS and time values are correct, otherwise do a Sync to Mount
  • Phone Info: If your mount's GPS didn't connect yet you can transfer the GPS and time data from your mobile device by using the in the Phone Info section
  • Meridian Flip Settings: see next screen
  • GoTo Auto-Center: does an alignment using plate solving
  • Center EXP Time: 
  • Guiding Rate: must match the settings in your mount, I use 0.25x for the mount
  • Tracking:
  • GoTo Home Position: tabbing on the Start Icon will move the scope to it's Home or Zero Position

Meridian Flip Settings

This feature is also referred to as AMF (Auto Meridian Flip)

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