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Quick Setup SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO in Full Feature Mode

updated: 2023-11-13

Full SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO Setup in Full Feature Mode using ASIAIR 

(Warning: this chapter may still need some refinement, but the process described works in general)


  • no need for a GPS module
  • no need to to enter actual time and GPS coordinates
  • no need to use the hand controller functions for alignments
  • much faster setup procedure than the full setup


  • Please note that if you have to turn off the mount for any reason during the calibration process, you will need to restart the entire process, as not all settings will be available after a restart.
  • Check the quality of the WiFi connection between your tablet or cell phone and the ASIAIR. If the transfer rate is slow, the polar alignment and GoTo commands will fail because the mount positions are not properly communicated to the ASIAIR. 

Setup Steps:

  1. Make sure your mount is leveled and and reasonably aligned with Polaris (the precise alignment will be done later using the ASIAIR Polar Alignment process)
  2. Connect the ASIAIR device to the multi-purpose port on the handheld controller, but do not activate the mount connection in the ASIAIR application..
  3. Turn on the mount with the handheld controller connected to the mount
  4. Use the following procedure on the SynScan handheld controller
    1. When asked to enter time and date: just confirm what's being displayed
    2. Same for coordinates etc.
    3. But: set DST Daylight Saving = NO [ENTER] (important setting for ASIAIR)
    4. Skip over the polar alignment coordinates, this will be done later
    5. Start a 1-star alignment. 
      1. Let the mount slew to the selected object. 
      2. When the scope stops moving, confirm the position without checking to see if the mount is actually aligned. 
      3. This pseudo-alignment will later provide a correct GoTo Home initiated by the ASIAIR.
    6. Use the GoTo home command on the hand controller, press ESC after the mount has settled to leave power switched on.
  5. The SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO is now in full feature mode but not aligned at all!
  6. Now activate the mount on the ASIAIR (use telescope setting = Skywatcher Synscan)
  7. Test if the mount reacts to slew command from the ASIAIR
  8. Transfer the actual time and local coordinates from your ASIAIR app to the mount
  9. To fully align the scope use the ASAIR functions:
    1. Do a Polar Alignment on the ASIAIR
    2. Issue a GoTo command to some star or object near the planned target using the Preview function of ASIAIR
    3. Plate solve and automatically correct the scope orientation until it confirms the successful orientation
    4. Issue a Align command on the ASIAIR app to finish the alignment of the mount
  10. The SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO is now fully operational under ASIAIR control

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