ASIAIR based workflow

Polar Alignment with ASIAIR

updated: 2021-07-29

Polaris invisible?

Don't worry, as long as a region up to +/-30° in declination near NCP (or Polaris) is visible from your observation point, Polar Alignment will still work, but will be less accurate. The closer the visible region is to NCP, the better the alignment. See this article for more details or watch this YouTube video.

Polar Alignment Steps

  1. Ensure the main camera and mount are connected
  2. In preview mode take a short test image to ensure the main camera is in focus and downloading correctly
  3. Switch to Polar Alignment mode and complete the calibration using the onscreen prompts. 
  4. An error of 2 arc minutes or better is a good accuracy to aim for - hurry up to beat other ASIAIR users in speed!

NCP - North Celestial Pole

See also: Polar Alignment during Daytime

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