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Balancing the Mount

Updated: 2022-08-27


Balancing the mount and it's load

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  1. Check for or rotate the mount into the ZERO position
  2. Attach the scope and all accessories like guide scope, cameras etc. to have the full load on the mount
  3. Balance the payload:
    1. Balancing the DEC axis first:
      1. hold the payload with one hand and release the DEC clutch screw
      2. test if the DEC axis starts rotating
      3. if yes, carefully unlock the dovetail screws and move the payload into a balanced position
      4. tighten the dovetail screws 

    1. Balance the mount in R.A. axis

      1. release the 4 R.A. clutch screws and rotate the R.A. axis to place the DEC axis in the horizontal position, as shown below:
      2. if the DEC axis stays in horizontal position without moving the load, then the DEC axis is balanced
      3. If not, you need you to move the counter weight (CW) until it's balanced - Tighten the CW Locking Screw 
      4. After Power On you can later also use the MENU=>”Test RA Balance function to further adjust the RA balance in the Hand Controller Menu, see chapter 5.5 in the iEQ45 Pro Manual

    1. Tighten all clutches and screws
    2. Rotate the R.A. axis again into the ZERO position

  1. After installing and balancing you should once more check if the mount is still leveled by adjusting individual tripod leg (or pier foot) using the build-in Bubble Level Indicator (it often has to be adjusted again due to the additional weight by the payload).


[1]  iOptron iEQ45 Manual

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