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Gear Installation and Calibration

Updated: 2023-08-02


Mechanical Installation of the mount

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Mechanical Installation (on a tripod):

  1. North Orientation

    Set up the tripod and roughly check the leveling and north orientation, with the alignment peg (north leg) pointing toward true north.

  2. Mount the iEQ45 Pro on top of the tripod

  3. Make a rough latitude adjustment. Adjust the latitude based on your current location (some examples):

Location  (examples)


Göttingen (DE)

51°31'   43.26"N

La Palma (ES), Mirador Llanos del Jable

28°37'  -2.40"N

(for details see: 3.2.3. STEP 3. Setting the Latitude in the iEQ45 Pro Manual)

  1. Rotate the mount to ZERO Position
    Make sure the mount is at the zero position (i.e. counterweight shaft is pointing to the ground) when installing the counterweight.
    WARNING: The mount should always be kept in the zero position while it is being loaded

with CWs and payload. The zero position is the only safe position the mount should stay in unless it

is balanced.

  1. Install the Counterweight (CW) Shaft
    Unscrew the CW shaft from the top of the mount as shown in Figure 12(a) and thread it into the opening of the DEC axis

    Remove the CW Safety Screw on the end of the CW shaft. Guide the CW over the shaft and tighten the CW Locking Screw to hold the CW in place. Always place the Safety Screw back onto the shaft prior to use to prevent personal injury and/or equipment damage. Lock four R.A. Clutch Screws again.

  2. Install counter weights
    Always install the counter weights before you install the telescope!

  1. Rough Azimuth Adjustment: Unlock the 3 Azimuth locking screws a bit so that the mount head can be rotated freely for a couple of degrees
  2. ZERO Position: Check again that the mount is still in the ZERO position or rotate it manually to ZERO

Scope Installation

  1. Attach the scope and guider scope while in ZERO position
  2. Balance the equipment:
    1. start with the DEC axis first 
    2. Balance the mount in R.A. axis
    3. Tighten all clutches
  3. Level the mount by adjusting individual tripod leg (or pier foot) using the build-in Bubble Level Indicator (see üicture above)


[1]  iOptron iEQ45 Manual

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