ASIAIR based workflow

Guiding with ASIAIR

updated: 2022-03-03

Set-Up Description:  Setting-up the ASI AIR Pro

During Preview, Autorun and Live mode screens you can simply touch the guiding graph pane to enter the auto guiding setup controls:


This will open the Guiding setup window:

Tap this button for the guider calibration data. The graph shows the movement of the star formed by the guide pulse sent by ASIAIR during calibration. The line represents the RA and Dec guide star rates calculated as a result of the calibration. They should generally be approximately vertical

Guiding Steps:

  1. set the exposure time (on the right side)
  2. tap the Refresh icon
  3. tap the Start Calibration icon

  4. The calibration starts, the telescope will be moved slightly to different directions in order to calibrate the guiding speed required. This will take several minutes.

  5. When finished the guiding starts and graph can be displayed showing the quality of the guiding:

  6. To enable dithering, go to the Guide Settings tab on the right side menu.

  7. Tap on To hide the Guide setup display.

  8. To stop guiding tap on the icon.

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