Installing Local Star Catalog Servers

updated: 2022-11-22

To install and activate a local XPSD database server using e.g. APASS or Gaia catalogs follow these steps:

  1. Download the catalog files from the PixIsight Software Distribution interface. Choose the the catalogs you need:
  2. Download Gaia DR3/SP Small Set

Remark:  you must be logged into your PixInsight account to download the APASS databases!

  1. Copy the downloaded files to a folder your computer, e.g. D:\Docs\Astro\Databases

  2. In PixInsight goto PROCESS > StarCatalogs > APASS (or Gaia)

    Or Gaia 

  3. In the APASS or Gaia window click on the took icon to open the settings:

  4. Select the catalog files for APASS and Gaia and click OK


  1. Close the Preference settings and the  window
  2. The local star catalog is now available for plate solving and the Photometric Color Calibration process:

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