Main PixInsight Features and Functions



YouTube Part 1: learn using the user interface of PixInsight


Menu bar

All processes and scripts can be started in the menu bar of  PixlInsight


Many processes and some scripts can be stored as icons on the workspace and there are 4 different workspaces available (see bottom of the main window).

Scren Transfer Function (STF)

Storing Scripts in a workspace

To store often used scripts and processes in a workspace click the little blue triangle at the bottom and drag it on a free area in the workspace. You can the alter the name or identifier by right-clicking on the the new icon and select SetIconIdentifier...

Icon Collection Area

There is a special area for those symbols right of the yellow vertical line where you can arrange the icons, store them and also recall them after a program restart.

  • To load previously save icons: right-click on your workspace and choose Process Icons > Load Process Icons
  • To save icons:  select all icons, then right-click on the selected icons and choose Save selected Icons
    (my storage location for the saved icons is: C:\Users\[username]\PixelInsight\ PixInsightIcons.xpsm or


[1] YouTube Part 1: learn using the user interface of PixInsight        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIXJJqew6rQ

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