Actual Step

RJ45 LAN Connection

updated: 2021-07-27

This method is mainly aimed at Vixen's StarBook series control system, including StarBook, StarBook One, StarBook-S, StarBook Ten, etc. Specific steps are as follows: 

① Power on the StarBook control system . 

② Directly connect the ASIAIR PRO and StarBook control systems via an RJ45 standard (Crystal connector is also in A or B mode). 

③ Open the ASIAIR App, select wired Ethernet on the connection settings page, set to automatically obtain an IP address. 

④ Select the corresponding StarBook control system option and fill in the StarBook control system IP in the IP input box (obtained at "Menu-About LAN") for example, port 80.

If the ASIAIR prompts that the connection failed reconfirm on the‘About LAN’ page in the StarBook, that it obtained an IP address.

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