updated: 2023-02-19

Connecting SkySafari via ASIAIR to an iEQ45 Pro Mount 

  1. Follow the instructions in the chapters ASIAIR WiFi Settings  or Extending the WiFi Range of the ASIAIR to make sure your ASIAIR is reachable by the ASIAIR app and the mount is connected.
  2. In SkySafari Pro - go to the Telescope settings screen
  3. Select Equatorial GoTo (German)  and the iOptron CEM/iEQPro/AZ Mount Pro 
  4. Goto the next screen and use these settings:

Station Mode of the ASIAIR

 AP mode of the ASIAR

IP Address

e.g. xxx.yyy.zzz.59


Port No. 



  1. Goto the next screen and 
    1. name the template (e.g. iOptron iEQ45 Starlust)
    2. enable the telescope time and location setting
    3. set read out time to 4x per second
    4. and set timeout to any practical value (I use 3 seconds).
    5. Store the new template
  2. Tap on the new telescope template and tell SkySafari to use this template.

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