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Star Alignment using the iEQ45 GoTo Function 

updated: 2023-08-03


Align the mount to the Earth axis

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iEQ45 Pro, optional: ASIAIR Pro

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For the GoTo function to work properly it must first "learn" where the scope is currently pointing to, otherwise the position will be declared as Unknown.

The required alignment can be done in three different ways:

  • 1-Star Alignment        - usually sufficient, subsequent slews to other objects will often require manual readjustment.
  • 2-Star Alignment        - improved alignment, subsequent slews to other objects may require slight manual corrections
  • 3-Star Alignment        - very accurate alignment, subsequent slews to other objects may require only minor manual corrections

In most cases the 1-Star Alignment is completely sufficient! 

To readjust the alignment after a new target: In the handset menu (MENU => “Sync to Target")  after slew and the manual correction.

 1-Star Alignment (better use up to 3-Star Alignments for higher accuracy)

  • Select a bright star near your intended target
  • Center the selected star in the finder, guider, and finally the main telescope.
  • Correctly align the viewfinder and guider scope with the main telescope.
  • Confirm alignment with OK on the handheld
  • Keep the scope pointed at the bright star for manual focus. 
  • Whenever you move to another target 
  • Re-align by manually centering the new target in the main telescope and then press MENU => "Sync to Target" to adjust the alignment.

See also Alignment Using a Mobile Device for rough alignment during the day.

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