updated: 2021-10-01

  1. Check the position of the mount first: must be at the Zero Position on both axis 
  2. Connect all power and USB cables and the handheld ( ­čí║ Configuration)
  3. Install power supply for the USB hub (or the CMOS main camera will not work correctly later on)
  4. Connect the USB Hub with the USB Extender cable 
  5. Manually turn the telescope 90┬░ left and right to see that the cables don't get stuck, then return to scope to it's zero position
  6. Do not yet connect the other end of the USB extender cable with your computer
  7. Turn on the main power on
  8. Wait until GPS = OK
  9. For perfect success, an exact alignment of the mount on Polaris (or better: the earth's axis) is required, see Polar Alignment (later in this chapter).

Next Step: Computer and SW Start

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