Chapter 4.2

Guiding with PHD2
PHD2 Quick Start (without new calibration)

updated:  2020-03-02

  1. In PHD2 click on the green USB button  to connect to your equipment

  2. select your previously created profile, e.g. the iEQ45 + 200mm guider + Bresser profile
    (see here how to set up a new profile in PhD2)

  3. Chek, that the profile is actually being used (in the PhD2 window title):

  4. then click on “connect all"
  5. Start a continuous exposure sequence 
  6. Select an exposure time from the drop-down-list in the range from 1 to 4s, start trying 2 seconds
  7. Adjust the focus: use the fine adjustment of your guide scope to reduce the star diameter to a minimum 
  8. click on a star in the picture (more to the center) or use Alt-S for an auto-selection of a guide star
  9. Click the green "start guide" icon 
  10. PHD2 starts guiding or a new calibration, if a new equipment profile is used.

If you need to re-calibrate PHD2, press the Shift key and click on the start guide icon


[1]  PHP2 Guding

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