Image Enhancement Options

updated: 2022-11-22


Enhance the image.


Menu Process ­čí║ All Processes ­čí║ Debayer


The integrated linear Master Light frame from the previous step


An enhanced and nearly final image

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More Image Improvements

There are different paths for post processing. For example you can first crop the image to discard unwanted sections of the picture and thereby reduce the size of the image files before further improving the image. But cropping the image first will also have the side effect that the geometry, picture area, pixel scale (arc seconds per pixel) settings etc. will no longer work correctly during the next steps. I therefore usually don't crop images at all.

Also instead of applying the Background Improvement steps the SPCC or PCC photometric color corrections can be used as they too handle background noise reduction. But which process is better suited for an image totally depends on the image itself, whether the sky conditions were good, enough light was collected etc.

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