Image Preparation Options

updated: 2023-02-11


The image preparation preparation is the first main step and includes:

  • Culling of bad and good images
  • Debayer the images (if using an OSC or color CMOS camera)
  • Align the images to stars or other objects like comets
  • and finally integrate the set of images into one mast picture for further treatment


Menu Process 🡺 All Processes 🡺 Debayer


Calibrated light frames with "*_c" postfix from subfolder "2_CalibratesLightFrames"


Debayered light frames with "*_c_d" postfix  in folder "3_Debayered"

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Frame Capturing

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Image Enhancement Options

  1. Basic PixInsight Function
  2. Image Preparation Options
    1. Image Preparation  for Stars and Deep Space Objects (DSOs)
    2. Processing Mosaic Images
    3. Processing Comet Images

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