PixInsight - Image Pre-Processing

Image Preparation for Stars and Deep Space Objects (DSO)

updated: 2023-02-11

But before further processing can begin, the good frames must first be separated from the bad frames (e.g. streaks from satellites or airplanes, clouds, swaying). After the selection starts the image registration and integration part. There are different ways to register and align frames.

  1. Basic PixInsight Function
  2. Image Preparation Options
    1. Image Preparation for Stars and Deep Space Objects (DSOs)
      1. Selecting good and bad subs
        1. Manual Frame Selection using Blink
        2. Automatic Selection using Sub-Frames Selector
      2. Working with Master Calibration Files
        1. Master Dark and Bias Calibration Frames
        2. Master Flat Generation I
        3. Master Flat Generation II
      3. Alignment and Integration
        1. Automatic Batch Processing
          1. Automatic Weighted Batch Preprocessing (new since 2020)
          2. Automatic Batch Pre-processing (Old)
        2. Manual Selection, Alignment
          1. Light Frame Calibration
          2. Debayering the images
          3. Star Alignment
          4. Image Integration
      4. Drizzle Integration

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