Area of Interest:        Image Post-Processing with PixInsight - Color Correction

 updated: 2021-05-25

One of 3 different Color Calibration Modes.

In this mode ColorCalibration gathers all pixels of the white reference image within a prescribed range of pixel values, usually defined to prevent inclusion of black and nearly saturated pixels. This mode can be used to select a suitable astronomical object as white reference. In particular, this working mode allows selecting a nearby spiral galaxy to compute a white reference. The integrated light of a nearby spiral galaxy is a plausible white reference, since it provides a sample of all stellar populations and spectral types, and its redshift is negligible. This method has been proposed by PTeam member Vicent Peris, who first implemented it to calibrate a number of deep sky images taken with large telescopes. According to Vicent, ideal calibration galaxies should have the following properties:

  • Closer than 50 mpc
  • Hubble classifications Sa, Sb, Sc, Scd, SBa, SBb, SBc or SBcd
  • Inclination less than 60 degrees
  • Integrated intrinsic intergalactic and galactic reddening < 0.5 mag in Johnson B

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