updated: 2021-10-01

Deployed Software (optional)

Sequence Generator Pro

Plan your session using the Sequence Generator Pro tool Framing and Mosaic Wizard

Planning the target and capture seuence

Menu: Tools > Framing and Mosaic Wizard

The easiest steps to plan a target and capturing settings are:

  1. Enter the name of the target (e.g. IC1386) and click on Fetch

  2. Enter the camera data:
    • Scale: aus der Optical Scale Tabelle in Abhängigkeit des eingesetzten Equipments
    • Define the picture overlap percentage (for image stitching)
    • Pixels x*y: aus der  Camera Tabelle

  1. Define the Target
    • Draw the target rectangle - or
    • Move the target rectangle - or
    • Pan the image
    • Select the desired camera rotation (note: this will only work if you are using an electronic or manual camera rotator!)

  1. Set the number of horizontal and vertical tiles for stiching

  2. Click on Create Sequence to generate the capturing sequence (this sequence is still independant on the the date and time of the planned session)

Date and Time Planning using the PlanningTool

In the SGPro Session Manager right click on a planned target, in the new Target Settings windows then click on Planning tools (see left picture below). This will open the Planning Tool (right picture)


This tool helps you to check for the desired light conditions between dusk and dawn and also allows you the check the target elevation above the horizon.

Next Step: Equipment Check


[1] Sequence Generator Pro Help.pdf

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