ASIAIR based workflow

Solar Surface Stacking Example

updated: 2023-07-28

Example of a Solar Video Capture using ASIAIR Stacking

Optical configuration: TS600AS294 with Astrozao Solar Filter (TS-Optics 90/600 + ZWO ASI194 MC Pro)

Recording (on the USB drive inserted in the ASIAIR):
[ZWO ASI294MC Pro]

Bin = 1

Capture Area Size = 1920 * 1080

Colour Format = RAW8

Exposure = 0.003 Sec

Flip = None

Gain = 21

StartX = 1104

StartY = 868

Temperature = -9.4 C

Bayer = RG

White Balance (B) = 11

White Balance (R) = 64

Duration=31 Sec


When the 30s recording is finished, open the AVI video file on the USB drive: 

  • Image Management > Video

Select Stack Mode

  • Solar or Lunar Surface Video Stacking selected

Final Stacked Image

  • and the final image sharpened (according to your taste) and saved on your mobile device (as a .jpg file)

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