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Fine adjustment of the guide camera focus using the ASIAIR guide function (Alt 2)

updated: 2023-12-27


Finding the correct focuser position for best guiding

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To fine-tune the focus of the guide camera with ASIAIR, you have to replace your main camera with the guide camera, as ASIAIR doesn't provide a direct way to display the guide camera image (or I missed that option). 

Please follow these steps:

  1. IMPORTANT:  Before switching cameras, turn off the ASIAIR and wait 30 seconds before turning off the power switch.
  2. Switching cameras by disconnecting the main camera.
  3. Connect the guide camera to an USB port on the AISIAR.
  4. Select the guide camera as the main camera (you can leave the other settings as they are).
  5. Power up the ASIAIR again.

    (This screenshot is not quite correct, instead of the ZWO ASI294 you should select the ASI120MM!)

  6. On the right side of the main menu, click Focus.

  7. The Focus screen opens:

  8. Manually adjust the focus of your guide camera
  9. When finished, turn off the ASIAIR

  10. Reconnect the main and guide camera, select the cameras in the drop-down menus and turn the ASIAIR back on
  11. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to set the correct main camera parameters such as Gain to the desired value!

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