ASIAIR based workflow

Focusing the Guide Scope and the Main Scope

updated: 2023-07-01


Who to get to optimal focus for best images:

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Important steps ahead of focusing

  1. Reset the focuser: Move your focuser to the 0 position (with the Goto 0 function in the Focuser Setting panel) and enter 0 as Current Position
  2. Focus Preset
    1. If using a standard configuration (like e.g. TS600AS294) move the focuser to the previously measured optimal focuser position using the Focuser Setting of ASIAIR
    2. for an unknown optical configuration use the ASIAIR video mode for a first rough focusing before even trying to use the Plate Solve feature, as this already requires a good focused equipment!
  3. Find a bright star: use the GoTo function of your mount or manually slew your telescope to a bright star near the target
  4. Correct the orientation: use the mount hand controller to center the star
  5. Plate Solve: use the Plate Solve function of ASIAIR to let it find out where you are pointing at
  6. SYNC the position to the mount
  7. Re-Align: in ASIAIR Preview mode select the named star again and slew to it, the star should now appear in the  center of your scope.

The ASIAIR PRO or ASIAIR Plus, once connected with a ZWO EAF, provides two means of focusing the image. 

    • Manual focus with Slow and Fast steps or 
    • Auto Focus (AF) routine to achieve best focus based on internal FHD star calculation and iteration of the EAF position
    • both modes are accessible using the Focuser tool

Tables: Optimal Focuser Start Settings for Different Optical Configurations and ASI EAF

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