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Fine adjustment of the guide camera focus using the ASIAIR guide function (Alt 1)

updated: 2023-12-27


Finding the right focus position for best guidance

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  1. Leave the focus camera connection in its original setup (USB cable connected to the USB port on the main camera).
  2. From the main menu on the right, select Preview, Autorun, or Live Mode.
  3. On the left side menu tab on Guide:

  4. The Guide Setup page opens up:

  5. Set the exposure time to 1 to 5 seconds (on the right side).
  6. Tap the Refresh icon to start continuous capture.

  7. The guide camera image is now visible on the main screen.
  8. Manually adjust the focus of the guide until you see clear and sharp star shapes.
  9. Stop the guider
  10. Close the Guide Settings window:  (in the upper left corner of the screen).

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