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  • Manual Focusing using a Bhatinov Mask
    • Manual Focusing with SGPro

updated:  2020-03-03


set the main camera focus manually

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Session planning using SGPro

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    • Open either the Focus Tab on the Control Panel in SGPro  (View > Show Control Panel  or CTRL+E) and go to the Focus tab 
        • Disable the check box "Use auto focus"
        • Binning: 2x2
        • Exposure: 1 or 2  seconds depending on your target        

    • or use the Frame and Focus module 
      (to activate the Frame and Focus module click on the Frame and Focus symbol on top of the SGPro window)

      • and use following settings:
        • Binning: 2x2
        • Exposure: 1 or 2  seconds depending on your target

      • In either case click on Start to begin a series of exposures 

  • To start, set  the focuser to a position near to the optimal focus position from the Focus Table 
  • Move your focus manually until you get the best diffraction pattern (either in you camera in in SGPro
  • When done take off the Bhatinov Mask from the telescope
  • This procedure can be enhanced by setting up a Target and Focus Position in the telescope tab.  

Alternatively you can also use the Image History ( HRF and Start Count module to optimize the focus setting: 

  • HFR should as low as possible
  • Star count as high as possible

See also Manual Focus in SGPro.

updated: 2020-02-22

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