Actual Step

  • Focusing using SGPro
    • Manual Focusing using a Bhatinov Mask

updated:  2020-07-11


set the main camera focus manually

Required Equipment

Bhatinov Mask

Previous Step

Session planning using SGPro

Next Step

Guiding with PHD2

  • Move the telescope to a brighter star near your target object (or use the same star already used for the star alignment)
  • Cover your scope with a Bhatinov Mask
  • If using a DSLR camera:
    • activate LiveView on your DSLR camera
    • set magnification to maximum in LiveView
  • If using a CCD camera
  • In either case watch the diffraction pattern that you see:
  • Now move your focus  
    • manually by turning the knobs of the focuser (when no electric focuser is installed)
    • by using the hand controller of the iOptron mount
    • by using some software that can control an electric focuser , e.g. SGPro 
  • until you get the best diffraction pattern (either in you camera or in applications like SGPro)
  • When done take off the Bhatinov Mask from the telescope

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